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TITLE : The Perfect Scale The Ultimate Fat Loss System

The perfect scale is the health and fitness book that we have all been waiting for it is so refreshing to have someone clearly explain how my body functions and why so many of the dieting approaches that we have all tried dont workdoug dorsey is a college professor fitness coach author entrepreneur and healthy lifestyle transformation expert with over two decades of college teaching experience and over a decade of personal training experience doug is one of the top personal fitness coaches aroundafter reading doug dorseys book the perfect scale the ultimate fat loss system i am convinced that staying away from my scale and incorporating his system into my daily routine is the missing link in my weight loss journeythis book will give you the tools and knowledge to create the foundation for a successful fat loss muscle gaining program it will help you create a lifestyle change that is actually manageable in this busy and stressful societyif you have ever woken up feeling like you are in someone elses body or have tried to lose weight to eventually gain it right back you are not alone 90 of people who diet ultimately put the weight back on and then some would you like to be part of the 10 that loses weight and keeps it off

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