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TITLE : The Story Of Shit

We are very discreet we disappear into a small room perform the task flush wash and reappear as if nothing happened of course hygiene is necessarysome faecal bacteria if re ingested can cause very serious problemsand unpleasant aromas are best kept at bayfor some time many of us have wondered just who is jack schitt we find ourselves at a loss when someone says you dont know jack schittpub date 26 july 2018 extent 304pp format paperback isbn 9781925355178 rights world english text publishing other rights shared stories translated by nancy forest flierwe owe our excrement more respect than we normally show what we toss out is not worthless rubbish but a valuable product of intricate highly synchronised processesread 25 funny poems from the story the worlds funniest shit by cabellicious c with 4393 reads dirtyjokes funny cursing 1 roses are redviolets are bl

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