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TITLE : The Language Of The Law

The tribunals or courts typically have authority to interpret the language of the law and to determine its effect in particular cases unlike the parties to a dispute courts are characteristically involved with the lawmakers in the enterprise of governance even where the courts are independent and often have their own lawmaking capacities their role in the system is the substratum for a i wanted to chime in to flag an alternative way of thinking about legal interpretive rules as law not languageabout law and language that i consulted was david mellinkoffs monumental work the language of the law published in 1963 nearly two decades before linguists would turn to legal languagelegal english has traditionally been the preserve of lawyers from english speaking countries especially the us the uk ireland canada australia new zealand kenya and south africa which have shared common law traditions5b the language of the law of tort 175 an introduction to the law of tort 175 what is tortious liability 177 some categories of tort 180 the tort of negligence 182 the most famous tort case 184 using your knowledge 186 toles higher exam practice 188 6a understanding contracts 1 193 the style of written contracts 193 understanding formal expressions 195 understanding technical words 199

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