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TITLE : Evidence Based Dentistry

Evidence based dentistry ebd integrates the dentists clinical expertise the patients needs and preferences and the most current clinically relevant evidence all three are part of the decision making process for patient careevidence based dentistry ebd uses current scientific evidence to guide decision making in dentistry it is an approach to oral health that requires the application and examination of relevant scientific data related to the patients oral and medical healtha systematic practice of dentistry in which the dentist finds assesses and implements methods of diagnosis and treatment on the basis of the best available current research the dentists clinical expertise and the needs and preferences of the patientin the current era clinicians are expected to keep up with the advancements in dental therapies materials research and clinical recommendations there is abundance of research based and even anecdotal evidence supporting various aspects of dentistry both clinicians and patients have readyevidence based dentistry dental research doesnt do any good if it doesnt reach the clinician thats why the ada created the center for evidence based dentistry ebd to connect the latest research findings with the daily practice of dentistry

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