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TITLE : Cbct In Dentistry

Dr shailesh kottal an oral and maxillofacial radiologist provides a cursory anatomical review of the mandible based on a cbct scan taken with the cs 9300cone beam computed tomography or cbct also referred to as c arm ct cone beam volume ct or flat panel ct is a medical imaging technique consisting of x ray computed tomography where the x rays are divergent forming a coneinformation about the use of cone beam computed tomography in dentistry particularly in the pediatric population information for patients parents and health care providers to help reduce dental cone beam computed tomography ct is a special type of x ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x rays are not sufficient your doctor may use this technology to produce three dimensional 3 d images of your teeth soft tissues nerve pathways and bone in a single scan thiscone beam ct cbct scanning represents a major technological step forward for the patients and team at dr miller cbct imaging provides our clinical team with a three dimensional 3d

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